What Will You Learn?

10 Reasons To Attend

  1. Attend the two interactive Master Classes to discuss with your peers and learn how to address mobile data from a marketing perspective and assess the impact of mobile data offloading on your business case.
  2. Hear Orange Labs assess and evaluate the different mobile data offloading technologies
  3. Learn from iPass how to optimise Wi-Fi to tackle cellular peaks and deliver value-added Wi-Fi services
  4. Find out how Telecom Italia is on-loading Wi-Fi customers by integrating them into the operator’s QoE management infrastructure
  5. Hear Network Norway, Si.mobil and the Small Cell Forum assess the business case for offloading mobile data to Femtocells and small cells
  6. Discover how Etisalat is using Femtocells to secure internet free backhauling
  7. Learn how to ensure a seamless handover between Wi-Fi and 3G networks from Guglielmo and the Wireless Broadband Alliance
  8. Hear Telefónica España examine cost-efficient mobile offloading alternatives for low density environments
  9. Find out from Wireless 20/20 how to embed mobile data offloading in your long-term network strategy to reduce future CapEx investments in LTE
  10. Attend for free as a tier one operator

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